Progetti Comunità Europea

Tipo Progetto: Erasmus+ Programme – Jean Monnet Activities – Jean Monet NETWORK n. 620911 – EPP – 1 2020 – 1 IT – EPPJMO – NETWORK

Titolo del progetto: European Elections Monitoring center 20-23

Responsabile scientifico: Link identifier #identifier__145644-1Novelli Edoardo


The research project aims at creating an international network (the EEMC20 Network) from four member states (Italy, Greece, Hungary and United Kingdom) focused on the conservation, dissemination, analysis and study of the political campaigns materials created for the European Elections over the years.


  • Università Roma Tre – Italy (Coordinator)
  • Loughborough University – UK
  • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – Greece
  • University of Szeged – Hungary

Specific objectives of the Network “EEMC20” are:

  1. a) to inform the debate about the EU and its integration process and to become a reference point in this research field;
  2. b) to increase interest in the visual politics relating to European Parliamentary Elections Campaigns;
  3. c) to create a Consortium that will foster cooperation between a network of Research Units belonging to different EU Member States, which successfully collaborated in the project “Platform Europe” – funded by the European Parliament in 2019;
  4. d) to support the expansion of the European Election Monitoring Center archive and its actions in studying and documenting European Elections (the EEMC archive currently contains more than 12 thousand electoral campaign items produced during the 2019 EPE by about 400 political parties in each of the 28 Member States);
  5. e) to disseminate information and knowledge about the history and evolution of European Elections, the related changing political and cultural contexts, and the different issues that have shaped EU public discourse during this time;
  6. f) to promote understanding of the European integration process through the collection, documentation and analysis of electoral related material which collectively provide an invaluable and unique insight into the range of different traditions, cultures and identities within the European Union;
  7. g) to foster the participation of young researchers in EU-related work.

The “EEMC 20” will become a dedicated reference point for the European Union in terms of the conservation, dissemination and study of  European Parliamentary Election material and, at the same time, will contribute to the promotion of knowledge about the European integration process through the creation of a free archive in which campaign material from every member state will be collected.

1 Outputs:

  • Online Database of Archives: N.100 EU archives contacted (Research Activity 1 – Deliverable 5)
  • Web-archive and website: N.28 Countries, N.497 election campaigns monitored, N. 5000 materials collected and analysed (Research Activity 2,3 – Deliverable 6)
  • N.10 online lessons (Activity 8 – Deliverable 4)
  • Photographic book: about 300 pages and 200 images (Research Activity 2,3 – Deliverable 1)
  • 2 publications (Research Activity 2,3 – Deliverable 2,3)

2 Outcomes:

  • Raising awareness of the EU integration process;
  • Increasing knowledge about the evolution of European Parliamentary Elections campaigns;
  • Helping reduce the remoteness of the European Union from EU citizens;
  • Reinforcing a sense of European citizenship;
  • Promoting the analysis and an increase in the quality of European political communication;
  • Promoting analysis of visual politics and political communication within the field of European studies;
  • Encouraging interest and active participation in EU issues among citizens, university students, scholars and young professionals;
  • Reinforcing the documentation of the European History and its memory.

Finanziamento 296.809,44

Totale progetto: 3710.11,80

Durata 2020 – 2023



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Chiara Sonnino 17 Novembre 2020