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Link identifier #identifier__50062-1Hegel Art Net

Link identifier #identifier__189133-2Hegel Art Net – International Research Network on Hegel’s Philosophy of Art

is an international community of scholars working in the fields of history of ideas, aesthetics and contemporary philosophy. The group is studying the philosophy of art by the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Hegel (1770-1831). The scholars are working on the transcription, edition and translation of Hegel’s lectures on “Aesthetics or Philosophy of Art”. The research concerns as well the reception of Hegel’s philosophy in the contemporary debates and in the current artistic creation all over the world.


Link identifier #identifier__13282-3Philosophy and MadnessLink identifier #identifier__138483-4Philosophy and Madness: From Kant to Hegel and Beyond

Rome, 30th -31st May 2019
The conference Philosophy and Madness: from Kant to Hegel and Beyond aims to reflect on mental illness from Kant’s anthropological writings to Hegel’s Philosophy of Spirit, by considering the influence that criticism and German idealism have exerted on the philosophical, scientific and psychoanalytical orientations of the twentieth century still perceptible today. The aim of the conference is, therefore, not only to offer to nowadays cultural and scientific debate the analysis of undetected aspects of classical German philosophy but also to shed light on subjects and issues present in the current philosophical, psychiatric and scientific investigation.


Link identifier #identifier__127009-5Husserls Grenzprobleme der PhänomenologieHusserls Grenzprobleme der Phänomenologie

Convegno husserliano organizzato dalla Prof.ssa Mariannina Failla (Roma3) e cofinanziato dal DAAD (Germania), dall’università di Cagliari e da quella di Palermo. Il Convegno ha il patrocinio della SFI sez. Romana e si è svolto dal 21 al 23 febbraio 2019 – Aula 16 e Aula Matassi (Via Ostiense, 234 – 236 Università degli Studi Roma Tre)



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Francesca Vaino 06 Aprile 2020