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The Roma Tre – Sapienza PhD joint program in Linguistics aims to provide PhD students with a solid and up-to-date knowledge on main topics concerning languages and how they work across time and space (from the diachronic perspective, related to the Indo-European languages or to the Italian language, to synchronic theoretical and applied approaches, with reference to the different languages of the world but also to Italian).

Areas of interest

• Historical linguistics
• Italian linguistics
• General and applied linguistics



The Ph.D. is meant to provide students with deep and updated information on the main topics related to language and linguistic systems both in a temporal and a space characterization. It is also meant to present critical means to reflect and achieve new and innovative research works in linguistics.
The Ph.D has an interdisciplinary characterization in that linguistics interact with various humanities (historical, geographical, literary critical, philosophical and educational) and scientific technological fields (acoustic phonetics, physiology of speech apparatus). It is open to international exchanges and to the most innovative scientific research.


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Francesca Vaino 16 July 2021